Anonymous: Do you have any videos of you dancing on YouTube or somewhere? Lol

I have videos on CDs, but none on the internet!

Anonymous: You are flawless!

Thank you!!

Anonymous: how do you do your bun? do you use a sock bun? :) x

No, I just wrap it on top of my head haha

Anonymous: How old are u?:)


Anonymous: do you blow dry your hair after washing it?


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rainy dayz
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Don’t ever compliment me by insulting other women. That’s not a compliment, it’s a competition none of us agreed to.
"You’re not like other girls." Shut the fuck up. (via poppiefields)

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I just want somebody who will never stop choosing me.
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If you don’t have room for a baby monkey on your blog you’re running the wrong kind of blog.
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stay away from people who make you feel like you are hard to love

This is the most important thing I have ever read.

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