Anonymous: you have such a pretty heart:) i love you!

Thank you! xx

Anonymous: Random stranger, random compliment. You have remarkable eyes. Cheers


Anonymous: Quiet stay-at-home type OR party type?

Stay at home!!!! My friends and I will have our own little parties at the house occasionally, but I never go anywhere with a bunch of people. It’s not really my thing I’m so lame I know

Anonymous: Are you interested in dating right now or do you just want to not get into that till later?

It’s kinda just whatever haha if it happens, then coool. I definitely am not looking for something serious at this age though :))

Anonymous: Aye. xd This is Jacy's blog, and last time I checked, she can post/do whatever the fuck she wants to post/do. If she doesn't want to help someone out, then she doesn't have to. She's actually pretty chill, and fucking nice. Don't hate on her because she refused to promote you. xox

Hahaha ❤️❤️❤️

Anonymous: so I was on your Instagram (I'm not a creep I swear) and you have a really cool bedroom! that's souf really weird I know but you really do! that's what I kinda want mine to look like when I get an apartment! but where did you get the wood thing under your bed lol?! cause I want that and idk where to find one!

My dad just bought wooden pallets and we painted them white!

Anonymous: you're awesome people are dumbbbb you're literally my idol

Thank you!!!

Anonymous: How many times have you been to Hawaii? And would you ever like to move there?

Once! And who wouldn’t 😍

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